Yin Yoga Nidra Healing Classes

Join us for a series of healing class sessions. 

We’ll start with a warm YIN YOGA class where we will infuse a variety or HANDS ON techniques: reiki, marma, moxibustion, and essential oils. Each session will end with a 30 minute YOGA NIDRA, psychic sleep session where we’ll use the ancient technique of systematic, deep relaxation through the power of suggestion. These sessions will bring deep, inside out, bones to skin rejuvenation and relaxation.  

Give yourself the break you need.

With Colleen, Katelynn, and Ammie 

Space is extremely limited. 

25 in advance  / 30 at the door 

Saturdays 6-8pm

November 16th with Colleen and Katelynn

December 7th with Colleen and Ammie 

Jan 11th with Colleen and Katelynn

Jan 18th with Colleen and Ammie

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