Super Bowl Yoga Class

Join Byron, Tina, Kaitlin, Rob, Mia, Lauren, Chalise, and more…No posture left uncorrected.  May the best teacher win!

Join us for a special yoga class fundraiser event dedicated to an important cause. Cultivate mindfulness and community with us at this event class while all proceeds benefit a Suicide Prevention Intervention Charity. Together, we can raise awareness and support 🖤

Suicide is now a leading cause of death and chances are you or someone you know has lost a loved one or been affected by suicide. It is a preventable public health risk. Any contribution helps. Spread the word.

👉🏾 SUNDAY February 18th
👉🏾 1pm

Donate To Attend

$10 donation (minimum to attend)

$25 donation

$50 donation

If you cannot attend this class, please support by inviting friends to class, or by making a donation in any amount. Stop by the front desk to donate any amount, or use the links above.



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