PyroPilates Teacher Training July 22nd-24th

The 3 day PyroPILATES training course is comprehensive, providing you with information not only on the exercises themselves, but how to effectively teach them.  In addition, you will be given information on how to modify exercises for beginners and special populations and how to progress exercises for advanced students.  The planned course of study includes learning about basic pilates movements and theory, HIIT, anatomy, as well as best practices for teaching and effective teaching techniques.  The weekend course is very hands on with daily workouts and drills.  At the end of the training you will be required to complete a performance evaluation as well as a written exam in order to be certified as a PyroPILATES instructor.

COST: $550

SCHEDULE: Fri & Sat 7:30am – 4:00pm / Sun 7:30am – 11am

TO REGISTER: Email or call Missy Jones at 561-644-0001

LOCATION: Philly Yoga Factory @ Bikram Yoga Philadelphia – 1520 Sansom St. 3rd floor Philadelphia PA 19102

WHAT IS IT? PyroPILATES is a low impact training system that combines pilates based deep core strengthening along with cardiovascularly challenging High Intensity Interval Training for an intense fun workout that increases strength, stamina, flexibility & quality of life.

PyroPILATES PRIMARY ELEMENTS:  -Movement of the body originating from the powerhouse (core) – Conscious body awareness – Self Empowerment – Physical and mental stamina – integrity of movement and form.

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