Other Yoga Styles

Hot Yoga Philadelphia now offers Yin, HIIT Vinyasa and other styles of yoga classes. It’s a great way to compliment your Hot Yoga practice.


In this gently heated class, the focus is movement with breath. Vinyasa, aka, flowing with breath, is a dynamic style of yoga that joins physical postures, with inhales and exhales, creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice usually working our way to a peak pose. These “flow” classes tend to be more vigorous and aerobic, and classes may even have a variety of music and themes. Expect to move, breathe deep, and of course, sweat.


Join us for a peaceful evening practice to unwind and re-set. The yin yoga portion of class will feature supported or seated poses held for three to seven minutes each. For all body types and levels, Yin yoga safely exercises and explores the joints of the body and can improve flexibility.. We’ll end the class with a Yoga Nidra or Psychic Sleep session to send you into a deep state of next level relaxation.


Full body high intensity workout that combines Pilates, HIIT, cardio & yoga into a class set to pulsing music! Work through difficult strength and cardio circuits in the heat to go deeper in planks, teasers, squats, and burpees all while strengthening the core, body and mind. The class delivers a results-driven workout that is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into absolutely amazing shape! Expect to sweat and sculpt. 

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