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Chaitanya Jivan Das, “Joel,” was a pillar of the community, a teacher to us and to our teachers, and a friend to many. When he left this world in January 2022, many, many people were left heart broken.  During the virtual yoga era of the pandemic, many of his online classes were recorded, and now archived and available for streaming on our On Demand Vimeo Library of classes. Instead of simply selling his classes for profit, we want to honor his Life Purpose of sharing Krishna Consciousness.

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Many students may know Jivan lived a simple life and that his finances were closely tied to the Krishna Consciousness movement. Gita Nagari Yoga Farm, Philadelphia Ratha Yatra, and the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium (TOVP) were just a few organizations to which he regularly donated his Yoga Teaching earnings. We’d like to continue that tradition by donating any and all proceeds from his Virtual Classes to the TOVP.

May his expert teaching live on in our hearts.

The Temple of the Vedic Planetarium (TOVP), located in Mayapur, near Calcutta, is a pilgrimage site in the heart of West Bengal, India for devotees of Krishna. Although the main temple is a work in progress, since its inception in 1972, over 6 million visitors and pilgrams visit the project annually and the organization is active in spiritual and community development.  The institution has been distributing free meals since 1975 and is currently serving 500,000 free meals annually through its Food For Life program to community members in need.

promo-book-TOVP1113TOVP was very dear to Joel

The TOVP, was very dear to Joel. Mayapur is the place where Joel first arrived in India and its where he spent most of his time during his formative years of Krishna Consciousness. He lived there for several years as a young monk in his 20’s. His main service there in Mayapur was taking care of the cows.  The humble operation in Mayapur grew to become the massive Krishna Culture epicenter that the TOVP is today.

He later went to serve as the temple pujari priest in Calcutta, where he was also part of the inception of the Food For Life distribution project, where devotees cooked and distributed prasadam (sanctified food) to the poor every day.  Joel helped to distribute close to a thousand plates of prasadam each day. The Food For Life project is still going on today.

Jivan didn’t fulfill his pledge before he departed. Therefore, we are donating all proceeds from his online classes to the Mayapur TOVP project in an effort to help fulfill his desire of donating $51,000 to the project. If you feel inspired and would like to donate more, please click here.

Thank you Jivan, for sharing Krishna Consciousness with the students at Hot Yoga Philadelphia and for your unwavering service to your guru.

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