Jedi Fight Club Comes to Philly

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Nov 11th – 17th 

8am – 5pm   ::   7 Full Days of Training   ::   $485 

Immerse yourself fully in a 7 Day Jedi Fight Club with Breanna Brown.

We are thrilled to announce that Hot Yoga Philly is FINALLY hosting a world renowned Jedi Fight Club (JFC) training.  If you don’t know, JFC was created by Esak Garcia over 10 years ago as an opportunity for passionate yogis to step into a world of practice that has assisted numerous people in having a more complete and fulfilling experience of yoga. During this 7day training in Philadelphia, you will learn and practice homework exercises designed to deepen yoga postures. This JFC will be led by Breanna Brown.

Breanna is a traveling Bikram Yoga & 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher. She has completed 6 Jedi Fight Club Trainings and has attended 5 e84 Yoga trainings. She has been teaching for over 6 years all over the world in more than 20 countries and practicing for over a decade. Breanna has also dedicated numerous hours in developing her own asana practice. She is currently a staff member of the e84 training and leads JFC trainings. 

What’s a day of JFC look like?

  • Morning yoga class
  • 2-3 hour ‘homework’ session(s)
  • Evening yoga class
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    Read more about the history of JFC and it’s creator, Esak Garcia here

This is about 5-6 hours of yoga practice a day. Please make sure you are physically prepared, otherwise your ability to participate will be limited.

The schedule will vary from day to day and training to training depending on the needs of the group. We may also include field trips and surprise activities to break up the week. Please don’t expect to know the exact schedule in advance as it will be adjusted from day to day as necessary.

During the training, participants are asked not to take on any other commitments so that yoga practice can be the focus. When you are not on the yoga mat, your time will be spent resting, nourishing yourself, getting bodywork, doing karma yoga and getting ready to practice again.


What’s included in your $485 tuition???

  • 7 days of Jedi Training with Breanna Brown, including Jedi homework, 26&2 classes, e84 Intermediate classes, and the 84 class (known as the “advanced class”)
  • JFC T-shirt

Please email JFC staff directly at with questions about the training.



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