Fall is a natural time for establishing new routines, focusing inward, and LEARNING! 

Facilitate growth and development in your yogic and self care practices with one of our upcoming fall workshops. Email hotyogaphiladelphia@gmail.com with questions. Register online, or at the front desk. We look forward to this season of study with you!

Posture IQ with Justin Riley

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.19.28 PMSaturday September 30th  1-3pm
25 dollars. 4pm class included in the price.

For this edition of Justin’s Posture IQ series, he’s opening up the floor for you! You ask the questions, you guide the conversation.  

Personal attention. Corrections. Questions. Any posture. Any body.

An all levels workshop.  You are encouraged to stay for the 4pm class to apply your new skills. 

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Aroma Therapy Weekend with Maggie Mae

(a multi sensory experience)

30 for each class / $50 for both

Saturday + Sunday October 7th and 8th 1-3pm

Day 1 (Saturday) ::   Essential Oils 101:

Aromatherapy Crash Course + Flow Class

Discussion :: What are Essential Oils & How do we use them? What are the benefits of E.O. and how can we integrate them into daily life?

Class :: all levels Simple Vinyasa Flow implementing 1-2 Essential Oils to enhance our goals & intentions

Day 2  (Sunday) ::  ChakraAroma Therapy:

Intro to ChakraAroma + Class

Discussion ::  What are the chakras and how do they manifest in our bodies? How can we use our essential oils to bring balance and equanimity to the chakras?

ChakrAromaFlow Class ::  an in depth vinyasa flow class accessing and balancing chakra centers with essential oils.

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Alignment Clinic with Kyle Ferguson

Saturday, October 14th 12:30-3:30


Let Kyle help you get inspired and motivated in practice.

$35 dollar investment 

Are you looking to move your practice forward? Do you want to discover your best physical posture? Are you ready to understand the way your body moves, your good and bad habits, and how to embrace healthy alignment in all aspects of your life? This clinic is for you.

In this three hour session, students will learn about healthy alignment of the spine, as well as the three primary energetic centers, Head, Heart, and Root.  Based on simple principles of alignments, this clinic is designed specifically for students of Bikram Yoga, but it applies to everything you do both in and out of the hot room. Discover your deeper potential

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The Anatomy of Breathing Discussion + Practicum with Chrisyie Szpyrka, LMT

Saturday October 21st 1-3pm $20 

 There is nothing like a full conscious deep breath, yet most people do not breathe properly.  In this workshop you will learn the precise muscles
and actions that are used in our most vital life process : breathing.  

Practicum: Using your new knowledge, we will journey through a breathing exercise and meditation.  Expect to experience better and healthier breathing after this workshop.   

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Ayurveda for the Whole Family with Suzanne + Katelynn

Saturday + Sunday November 4th and 5th  1-3pm

30 for each, 50 for the weekend.  

Childcare + kids yoga will be provided during the workshops. $10 drop in

Day 1 (Saturday)  :: Women’s Health with Katelynn

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.30.59 PMDemystify and even befriend your cycle, using it as a barometer for your overall wellbeing.  Experience freedom from common ailments through daily routine practices based on the science of Ayurveda.


Day 2 (Saturday) ::  Pediatrics with Suzanne

Are Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.32.44 PMyou sick of your child always having a runny nose or being constipated? Are you tired of constantly giving your children snacks but then wrestling them to eat an actual meal?  Do you wish your children ate healthier, but then again you’re not even sure what it means to eat well? Are you worried about the pollutants and chemicals your children are exposed to daily? Learn how to raise balanced and blissful children through the simple, practical, and effective wisdom of Ayurveda. Just a few changes in diet, lifestyle, and routine can make a world of difference for your entire family’s sanity and well-being

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Exploring the Bandhas with Colleen Hoplemazen 

Saturday November 11th 1-3pm 

$25 investment 

Join Colleen for this 2 hour workshop where we’ll explore the major yogic concept of bandhas, or energetic locks.  Learn why your yoga teacher continuously tells you to ‘suck your stomach in’ and why it’s so important that we tuck our chin in certain postures this weekend with Colleen while she explains the body’s three major locks.  These bandhas, are a major key to building strong yoga postures and creating health within your body.  Find out how you can access the bandhas in your yoga practice to take it to another level.

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