Hello Hot Yoga Philadelphia!

Change is constant, and sometimes change is necessary. This fall, as the season of change is upon us, we’re rolling out new and exciting updates at your favorite local hot yoga joint. Bikram Yoga Philadelphia, meet Hot Yoga Philadelphia, a new edition of the yoga studio you know and love!

Classic. Therapeutic. Hot Yoga. Now in 60 & 75 minute classes.

For nearly fifteen years and counting Bikram Yoga Philadelphia has served the yoga community in Philadelphia by teaching strictly ninety minute hot yoga classes according to Slide4the Bikram method. In response to the changing needs of our students, we will be adding sixty and seventy-five minute versions of the therapeutic sequence you know and love. We’ve carefully thought out the classes, which will provide the same consistency and precision of movement as the classic 90 minute version of the class, in less time, without feeling rushed. We’ll also be adding classes to the schedule. All this goes into effect September 17th…look for social media updates and newsletters to stay up to date.  Let’s go through this process of evolution together! 

Integration of our Yoga Factory classes.

We are all about balance. In 2013, we introduced our Philly Yoga Factory (PYF) program, pay what you can yoga classes providing a variety of yoga styles and methods. With our new pricing options, PYF classes will now be included in your Hot Yoga Philadelphia package or class card. Now you can balance your intense, hot yoga practice with a cool, soothing yin yoga class; all with one Hot Yoga Philadelphia membership.

Some additional new stuff to keep an eye out for as we evolve:

  • A fresh, new website (coming soon!)
  • An Evolve Celebration Event on Friday, September 16th. Enjoy a special Hot Yoga class followed by a launch party with crafted cocktails, live DJ, giveaways + more…stay tuned
  • A weekend of FREE YOGA – September 16th – 18th
  • Plus more super secret subtleties around the joint…

Download the new Hot Yoga Philadelphia app for quick access to our live schedule:

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As always, our aim is to provide top notch, first class yoga instruction. A lot of thought, effort, and energy goes into everything we do here at Hot Yoga Philadelphia and your feedback is always welcome. Email hotyogaphiladelphia@gmail.com

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