Equinox 108 Sun Salutation Class

Join Kaitlin and Rob for a special ☀️ equinox celebration 🌓 as we welcome the changing of the seasons with 108 ☯️ sun salutations. This is an all levels class and will look something like this:
🙏🏽 Opening Meditation: Center your mind, set your intentions. Tune into the significance of the equinox and the symbolism of 108.

🔥 Guided Warm-Up: Stretching and mobility exercises to prevent injury during the 108 Salutations.

♾️ 108 Sun Salutations: The heart of the practice. Kaitlin and Rob will help you maintain alignment and breath awareness. Modify as needed.

🧿 Rest and Rejuvenate: Breaks will be provided to rest and hydrate.

📿 Closing Meditation: Reflect and ground as we honor the equinox and the journey you’ve undertaken during this practice.

💟 Bring an open heart and and open mind. Be prepared to connect to the rhythm of the changing season and the community.

*** Please note that practicing 108 sun salutations is physically demanding. Approach this class with mindfulness. Listen to your body through the class. Enjoy the journey of self-discovery and balance of the Equinox energy.

📌 $20 in advance / $25 at the door



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