Energy Exchange Policy


Our Energy Exchange Program is Back!


***We ask that you stay in communication via email, and that we are able to get in touch with you in a reasonable amount of time. From time to time we send out reminders and updates. Other Energy Exchangers may contact you for Shift Swaps. For that reason, please give us an email address that you regularly check.***


To qualify for the Energy Exchange program you must be:

  • a consistent student of Hot Yoga Philadelphia for at least 3 months.
  • able to pay $40 per month for two months, before you’re applicable for FREE YOGA (see below)
  • able to attend a 45 minute orientation to be scheduled with a Studio Manager
  • able to work 2 consistent shift hours per week.
  • physically able to tackle all work study responsibilities which include (but are not limited to):
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Stocking bathrooms
  • Emptying dirty towel bins
  • Straightening/cleaning lobby
  • Cleaning studios (floors, mirrors, yoga mats, etc.)
  • Vacuuming
  • Refilling water and coconut water
  • Filling the humidifiers with water 
  • Carry supplies up and down stairs 

Attendance Policy. This is a big one! 

  • You must sign in and out of your shift in the Energy Exchange Binder. 
  • Missed Shifts require a Make Up Shift scheduled no later than two weeks after the missed shift. 
  • To schedule a Make Up Shift, you can Swap a Shift with another Energy Exchanger, OR email us available times and we will TRY to schedule you for an alternative time. 
  • To Swap a Shift:
    1. Contact other Energy Exchangers via the Contact List.  The monthly calendar you receive at the beginning of each month will show you updated shifts and who is scheduled to work.
    2. When you secure a Shift Swap with another Energy Exchanger, email notifying us of the date you’ll miss and when you’re Swapping Shifts. CC the other Energy Exchanger on the email as well.
  • If you are running late for your scheduled shift, call the studio to let us know. Our number is (215) 977-9642. Store it in your phone for easy access.
  • We work on a Three Strikes You’re Out based system. 
  • Occasionally, you’ll get a strike for Non Compliance of Tasks (we’ll get to that later). 
  • But for the most part, strikes are accumulated for Missed Shifts. 
  • There are four types of Missed Shifts:
    1. A Scheduled Shift Swap – planned in advance for which you obtain coverage AND email about the switch so that we can note it on the calendar = no strike
    2. Advance Call Outs – if you have a shift for which you couldn’t get coverage and give us more than 48 hours’ advance notice, you may schedule a make-up with us directly = no strike
    3. A Last Minute Call Out – a shift for which you didn’t get coverage, and you’ve given us less than 48 hours’ advance notice  = strike
    4. A no call / no show = strike
  • If you accumulate Three Strikes, we will remove you from our program.
  • If you receive a strike for a last minute call out, there’s good news. It can be removed! To do this:
    Schedule a make-up shift to take place within 48 hours of your missed shift by emailing A made up shift = removal of a strike. A strike removal is not available for no call/no shows.
  • HOWEVER, if you miss three shifts within a one month window, even with a make-up, you will be asked to reschedule your shift to a time that works better for you.
  • You must check your email. From time to time we send out program updates and reminders.

Compensation – what we offer in exchange for your energy:

  • We ask that you pay 40 dollars for the first two months of Energy Exchange. This is your “trial” period. We put energy into training and meeting with you in the beginning, so we want to make sure the fit is right, and that you value your position and take it seriously. 
  • During the Two Month 40 Period, your account will be Auto-Billed beginning on the day you complete an orientation.  When your Two Month $40 Period is up, you’ll get notifications that you “owe” for classes when it’s time to pay again. Instead of paying, email  right away so we can review your account and get you signed up for Energy Exchange FREE YOGA!
  • Energy Exchange Free Yoga = 4 classes per week guaranteed. You can come to more classes per week, but only if there is space in the class, you won’t be able to pre-register for more than 4 classes per week. 
  • After two months with no significant issues – which means you showed up for every shift, signed off on tasks, signed in each time you do a shift, you are qualified for FREE YOGA. 
  • If you missed a shift or two during your trial period, we might ask you to pay for one more month, especially if you didn’t schedule a make-up. If we feel like the partnership is not a good fit, we will ask you to leave the program.
  • By the time you  achieve the “FREE YOGA” status, we know your face and are deeply grateful to  your contribution to our (your) space.
  • In the Covid Era, you must sign up for classes in advance. No Shows for classes are subject to a $25 cancelation fee – just like all other students. 
  • In addition to FREE YOGA, we’ll give $10 Account Credit for each month of satisfactory completion of all EE program requirements. This Account Credit can be applied to towel, drink, or merch purchases. 

Energy exchange students are also required to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Energy Exchangers are not permitted behind the desk unless you’ve been properly trained. 
  • Energy Exchangers must pay the standard fees for all  towels and drinks and must pay for the items at the front of the counter like all regular students.
  • Additionally, during energy exchange hours, students are required to work (no “hanging around”) there are many things that need to be cleaned: studio floors, mirrors, bathrooms, staircase, shoe rack, windows, etc.
  • Use the checklists so we know what you did/did not complete during your shift.  This helps the next shift. 
  • Energy Exchangers are not permitted to store their things in the Office. Please use the locker rooms for storage. 

If you read this far, and are still interested in joining our team, email your availability to to get started!

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