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 Kickstart your healing process with Ayurveda or a relaxing bodywork session at our on-site clinic. Or, try a virtual healing session from the comfort of your own home.


Christie Szpyrka, LMT

Christie Szpyrka, LMT
Christie is a 2011 graduate from the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, located in Albany, NY. Having received a diversified training, she considers herself to be a “muscle nerd.” Along with her extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, Christie blends concepts from east and west in order to customize each session in accordance with her client’s individual needs. Using a combination of breathing techniques along with various massage modalities, Christie provides a massage experience that teaches the client self awareness to promote harmony and self-healing within the body.

Katelynn Ingersoll, BSN, RN

Katelynn Ingersoll
Katelynn is the founder and lead Ayurvedic practitioner at Half Moon Ayurveda, where she sees clients one on one for diet and lifestyle consultations, Ayurvedic treatments, and guided cleanses. Katelynn completed her Ayurvedic studies program at the Ayurvedic Institute in 2012 under the guidance of Dr. Vasant Lad. She has continued to study extensively with Dr. Lad and other leaders in the field in clinical settings. She is the owner and director of Hot Yoga Philadelphia and Founder of Half Moon Ayurveda and Integrative Health where she sees patients, teaches yoga, and leads workshops, trainings, and retreats.

Ammie Moralez

Ammie Moralez
For over 20 years, Ammie has trained and studied macrobiotic and raw nutrition accompanied with a methodical mastery and training of a broad spectrum of Yoga techniques including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Bikram, Prenatal and Yoga Nidra. Ammie has a deep understanding of anatomy and has enhanced this knowledge with Meridian Science. She has trained and practiced Meridian Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Chinese Medicine, and other alternative healing methods. Ammie truly embodies a lifestyle of medical and educational freedom by walking the walk. She Unschools her children and lives a healthy lifestyle through Yoga, Yoga diet and prayer. Ammie has lived many lives and is happy to share with you from the beauty and darkness of her own experience. In everyday life, she practices the ethical and spiritual basis of Yoga including but not limited to Yoga classes, teacher training, clinics, consultations, treatments, retreats, intuitive bodywork and slow food production to give balance and strength – in mind, body, and spirit.


Sports Massage – $130 – $195

Creating balance for optimal performance and health using a broad range of techniques, each session is customized to the client needs, based on the issues and desired result. Incorporating stretching, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques, each session is geared towards targeting specific muscle groups in order to create balance within the body for optimal performance.

Trigger Point Therapy – $130 – $195

A trigger point is a source of tension within a muscle caused by repetitive motions, posture or traumas. This can lead to chronic pain and eventually lead to decreased range of motion.
In the initial session, we’ll dive deeply into your health history and discuss wellness goals for pain management. We’ll work together to get you started on a path to living pain free.
Using a slow methodical approach, the therapist searches one muscle at a time for trigger points in order to find and release them, creating relief from pain and increasing range of motion.

Recommended for: Plantar fasciitis, Rotator cuff injuries, Frozen shoulder, Headaches and migraines, Muscle strain, Carpal tunnel, Tennis elbow, Thoracic outlet syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, Low back pain, and much more!

Prenatal Massage – $108 – $173

Prenatal Massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. A special pregnancy pillow is used so that Mom can be face down, helping to relieve the pressure on the back from the growing baby.

Deep Tissue Massage – $108 – $173

Vigorous strokes are used in combination with varying amounts of pressure throughout the body to find and loosen tight muscles. Range of motion and stretching are introduced to help soften the joints.

Integrative Swedish Massage – $108 – $173

Relaxing, long strokes combined with steady depth and pressure to relieve stress and relax tense muscles. Range of motion and stretching are introduced to help soften the joints. After just one session, you will leave feeling calm and balanced!

Reki – $108 

Reiki means Universal Energy in Japanese. It is a form of energy work in which the practitioner lays hands on the client at various points along their body. The idea is that the practitioner is a conduit of the Universal Energy so that the client may receive the healing energies. The benefits of Reiki can be many and can bring healing energy to mind body and spirit.

R + R – $130

Reiki and Reflexology. Enjoy 30 minutes of each healing therapy to rejuvenate the body from head to toe, inside and out! Reflexology is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is theorized that all organs and glands can be stimulated by massaging specific points on the feet, hands and even the ears. This can help to open the energy pathways and remove energetic blockages from the body to provide healing and optimal health.

Intro To Coaching – $216-290

In this 90-minute session we take a deep dive into your health history, goals and challenges and explore how this might be affecting you in your day-to-day life. After building a greater awareness into your current reality, the remainder of time is spent on bodywork to further deepen your connection with yourself. The purchase of this session can be applied to the 13-week program – ReCreate Your Reality


Thai Yoga Stretching  – $125/hr

Thai Yoga Stretching is performed on a floor mat. The client is dressed in comfortable clothes to allow for ease of movement. The session combines assisted yoga, stretches and bodywork into a healing experience.Reach out to Ammie 215.290.1959 / ammiem@gmail.com or Book through Mindbody with Button Below.

Meridian Yoga Treatment – $125/hr

The Meridian Yoga Treatment Protocol (MYTP) is a combination of dynamic assisted stretching, Yoga poses, along energy lines influenced by Chinese Acupuncture and Trigger Point Treatment and bodily release for pain, tension and postural issues. Sessions are conducted clothed (yoga attire) on a large floor mat with props. MYTP is a modern synthesis of the ancient systems of Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sessions may integrate the techniques of Acupressure, Intuitive Thai Yoga, and a Full Body Protocol fused with Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine including Fire Cupping, Gua Sha, Abdominal Treatment and more. MYTP techniques work in the same way that Yoga asana works: relying on the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual. Like Yoga Asana, MYTP uses physical methods to ease the flow of energy through the subtle channels and release muscle tension, joint pain, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, etc.. The MYTP is a healing modality that can be applied to one’s own self or others. This system is informed by Yoga, the traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system of points and pathways, Ayurveda and traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork. MYTP techniques can be used within Yoga classes as well. Reach out to Ammie 215.290.1959 / ammiem@gmail.com or Book through Mindbody with Button Below.


Virtual Ayurvedic Consultation – $108

Your initial Ayurvedic consultation will start with a thorough health history and conversation around your health concerns and goals. We include detailed followup lifestyle and dietary recommendations, education, reading materials, recipes, etc to get you started on your path to natural inside out healing.

To Book a Virtual Session Please Email hotyogaphiladelphia@gmail.com


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