2019 Reno Updates

This page will be used for all things 2019 studio renovation project

The new floors and upgraded heat in the third-floor studio is just the beginning.

Stay tuned for updates on exactly what we’re planning for in the upcoming weeks.  This project is close to our hearts because, after nearly TWENTY years of service, we’re re-establishing ourselves as a dedicated, first-class yoga school in the center of Philadelphia. We are committed, and now we’ll have the upgrades we need to our physical space to thrive for years to come.

Work is scheduled to begin on November 18th.

After months of planning and contractor shopping, we’ve found the perfect fit for the metamorphosis of our sacred space. Sure, we wanted this project to be over by now, but with patience and time, we’ve found a contractor who will work with our schedule, be available, work hastily and full time – until this important job is complete. They were referred by a student, to whom we are grateful.  They are creative and innovative and will work with our timeline and budget.

We still need your help and will be collecting donations, both large and small, to make this a financially sound endeavor. To make a donation, please use the PayPal link below.

The good news is, that through our Philly Yoga Factory program, your donation is 100 percent tax-deductible. 


Cost Breakdown: 

You can sponsor a specific item that you feel passionately about, or just offer a donation. Please specify at check out what item you’d like to sponsor or contribute toward, and if you’d like your name mentioned:

Showers – $2500 each x 4

Lighting – $6000 ($300 per fixture)

Flooring – $10000 ($5000 per floor)

Insulation of 4th-floor yoga studio – $600

Painting – $14000

Vanity in the 4th-floor women’s changing room – $500

Vanity for 3rd-floor men/women’s showers – $1500 each

Lockers $5000 (roughly $1000/locker room)

Heat/AC in the Ayurveda clinic – $6000

Elkay water filter installation – $2000

…there’s more too!

Closures and cancellations:

Always check our online schedule for current class schedule.

We are working hard to keep classes going by hook or by crook and aim to be open every day. However, we may downsize to one studio or only one floor worth of lockers rooms.  I  know, times are hard! Please try to stay grateful and supportive because we will undoubtedly need it. We are hoping for an eight week total project time.

Questions, concerns, contributions?? Email us at hotyogaphiladelphia@gmail.com. We are waiting to hear from you!

Yours in Service,

Katelynn, Colleen, & Cate, Project managers


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