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All pricing options are good for all Hot Yoga and Pyro Pilates classes.  Yoga Factory class pricing is $5 drop in for active Hot Yoga members and $7 drop in for non members.

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(Purchase in person only with ID)

(M – F, 9am only, purchase in studio)

(Cash only – purchase in studio, every friday 5:30pm class only)

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(includes towel service + guests + all Yoga Factory offerings)

(includes all Hot Yoga, AND Philly Yoga Factory classes. Cancel anytime after 3 months.)

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Philly Yoga Factory

We share our space with our partner program, philly Yoga Factory (PYF).  PYF offers affordable in studio class pricing as well as outreach programming in underserved neighborhoods. Please visit for more information about PYF.

(for all non hot yoga members)

(available for purchase in studio only for active Hot Yoga members)

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