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  With Justin Riley


A 105 minute workshop + (optional) 60 minute class with Justin Riley
Workshop 2-3:45pm
Class 4-5pm
Investment – $25
Precaution, precision, and progress in the “Heavy Hitters” of the standing series:
Pranayama breathing
Half moon
Standing head to knee
Standing bow
Toe stand

Practice smart, not strong.  Explore the postures that invite the most questions…Then practice what you’ve learned in a 60 minute Hot Yoga class at 4pm with Justin.**HotYoga 60 at 4pm is included in this workshop**

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About Justin:

Teaching Credentials:Bikram’s Yoga College of India Teacher Training, Spring 2013Awards: The prestigious Yogi Award, given to one of the hundreds of teachers in training

Quote: “Not getting it is getting it.”Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 2.59.10 PM

As soon as Justin realized that you can actually make a career out of teaching yoga, he knew without a
doubt it was exactly what he wanted to be doing. Being a bass player for 27 years, Justin loves the simplicity and the foundations cultivated in a therapeutic hot yoga class. His background in music instruction and animal rescue work showed him just how rewarding facilitating the learning and rehabilitation process can be, and he finds that same process in the hot yoga rooms when he teaches.

“To see real positive change and to be a catalyst of it,” fuels his motivation for teaching. Justin’s biggest inspiration and role models in the yoga room are our own Leo Eisenstein, Joel Pier and too many more to mention. His teaching style, some might call, “South Philly” with a side of compassion and humor as he encourages his students to see that they’re tigers (not kittens!).

Just getting started? Only $40 for your first month!