Mendoza Travel Tips

Mendoza Travel Tips

TRAVELING TO MENDOZA reach out to if you need assistance

  • From US to Mendoza there is at least one stop or connection.
  • It’s always better to fly out of NYC from the east cost.
  • One option can be through Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please be aware that this option can get complicated if you have to switch airports. Look carefully to make sure you fly out of the same airport you land in to get to Mendoza otherwise there could an additional fee to take a bus between airports.
  • Another option is through Santiago, Chile, one stop in Santiago and then Mendoza. Always departing from NYC (can be Newark)
  • Another option is one stop in Panama and then Mendoza, always departing from NYC (can be Newark)

AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION (arrival/departure) –

  • On both November 26th (arrival day) & December 3rd (departure day), a shuttle will be available between 7AM – 1PM. If you arrive outside of this window, we are happy you assist you but it will be an additional $50 to arrange private transportation.


  • If you want to travel before or after the retreat, you will be responsible for transportation to the resort. We can arrange transportation on different times and days, but it will cost an extra $50. If your flight arrives before or after the official pick up schedule reach out to Gerardo well in advance to arrange for private transportation.

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