POSTURE OF THE MONTH : Camel Pose, Ustrasana


Camel pose stretches the abdominal organs to the maximum. It also opens the neck and chest area, where all the important immune system glands and lymph nodes live.  During this transition of seasons, when many of us are fighting the low grade colds and congestion and allergies, it’s important to give a little extra love and attention to this gift of a yoga pose.  Read on for instructions, tips, and benefits of Cael Pose

Let’s begin.

Stand on your knees. Six inches apart between knees and feet. Hands on hips, fingers pointing down toward the floor. Take a DEEP BREATH push hips, stomach, thighs forward.  Drop head back. STOP THERE. Now reach down and grab right heel, then left. Thumbs out. Fingers in. Full grip, nice and tight. Please DON’T LOSE THE GRIP.  Take another breath. Push stomach, thighs, hips forward using all the spine strength you have. Arch your torso back MAX-I-MUM. Concentrate on the area from the top of your thighs to your waistline and push forward with everything you’ve got. Emphasize your exhalations and hold the pose for twenty seconds.

To come out of the pose: PUSH YOUR HIPS FORWARD.  Put your hands back on hips. HIPS FORWARD. Inhale breathing spine up. Head up. QUICK! Turn around, lie down and relax. Feel the ultimate open heart chest respirations.  Dead man twenty seconds.

One day, a teacher should get a picture of the way the class looks coming out oDSC_0427f camel pose. Zombies. For a split second, there are no more students in class…they’ve all gone to a far away land.


  • It it’s more comfortable to keep your knees farther apart, that’s all good. Just keep feet six inches apart.
  • Press shins down toward floor to lift your chest higher.
  • Don’t be afraid to drop your head back.  It won’t fall off.
  • Normal to feel dizzy after this pose as a beginner.


Firms glutes, improves spinal flexibility, slims abdomen and waistline.  Deep heart and lung channel opening induces a blissful state after this pose. ENJOY IT!


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