2018 Yoga Lifestyle Immersion Program

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What does it mean to live a yogic lifestyle?

Join us this fall for a full immersive experience in yoga, Ayurveda, yogic cooking, and astrology – beyond the yoga mat. Instructors and presenters Ksanti Nakshatra, Mary Rider, Katelynn Ingersoll, and Sean Kenny are organizing two weekends of special yoga classes, Ayurvedic cooking classes and workshops, astrology courses, and Vedic practices and ceremonies.  You’ll leave with a taste of the yogic lifestyle that will compliment any yoga practice. Make your own ghee, learn your Vedic astrology chart, design your home yoga practice, offer prayers in the fire ceremonies, and learn Ayurvedic lifestyle tips for year round prevention.

Below is the schedule and workshop descriptions. Pick and choose single workshops, entire day long programs, or register for the whole program.  Each day will begin with a yoga / meditation practice, include a lifestyle workshop, and end with a cooking class and Vedic fire ceremony.  Please note that the cooking classes will be held in Katelynn’s home at 856 North 20th Street. All other events will be in the studio at 152o Sansom.

October 20th & 21st Weekend

Saturday October 20th – Cost for the whole day – $125 register here 
  • 9 – 11 am – Yoga With Sean – Building a Home Practice 
    • Sometimes you just can’t make it into a yoga studio to practice yoga
    • A home practice is integral to a yogic lifestyle
    • In this class, you’ll learn a simple, complete yoga, pranayama, + meditation practice you can do ANYWHERE
    • Design your home yoga practice 
    • Where, when, and how to build a home practice
    • Location – 1520 Sansom Street, 3rd Floor Studio
    • Drop in pricing for this workshop – $30 register here 
  • 11 – 1  Break for Lunch
  • 1 – 3 pm Ayurveda 101 – Ageless Beauty Through Ayurveda with Katelynn
    • Anti-aging takes time, but isn’t that what we’re resisting as we age? Ayurveda is the art of prevention and preservation. In this workshop we’ll get a taste of what it means to defy time and preserve our body mind and spirit to promote aging with grace.  
    • Practical, hands on tips to integrate in your daily routine.
    • Q + A
    • Chai will be served
    • Location- 1520 Sansom Street
    • Drop in pricing for this workshop – $40 register here
  • 4 – 7  pm Ayurvedic Cooking Class with Mary, Kṣaṇāti Nakshatra, Sean + Katelynn
    • Kitcheree + chai – the yogic dietary staples
    • Learn how to make this medicinal food actually TASTE good so you WANT to eat it EVERY DAY!
    • Recipes included for participants to take home
    • Dinner +  Evening fire ceremony at 6pm
    • Location – 856 North 20th Street
    • Drop in pricing for this Workshop – $75 (includes dinner + evening fire ceremony) register here 
Sunday October 21st – Cost for the whole day – $125 register here 
  • 9 – 11 am AyurYoga Therapy with Katelynn
    • Building off tri-doshic theory of Ayurveda, this class will address yoga postures, pranayamas, and meditations to suit every dosha
    • Learn basics of yoga therapy and how to use these tools as medicine
    • Drop in pricing for this workshop – $30 register here 
  • 11 – 1 break for lunch
  • 1 – 3 pm Astrology 101 : Vedic Karmic Theory with Kṣaṇāti Nakshatra 
    • In Understanding Karma and Jyotish with Kṣaṇāti, All Participants will be Given Printable Versions of Their Natal Jyotish Birth Charts. Then we will discuss in detail karmic theory, focusing on three types of Karma, Fixed, Dual, and Movable and how the different types of karma influence our journey and soul evolution. Participants will be shown how Karma influences and manifests in our birth chart, and how the Jyotish chart is a tool for our karmic and spiritual evolution. All Attendees will be left with a complete understanding of Karmic theory, and the unique manifestation of Karma in each individual’s birth chart
    • Location 1520 Sansom Street
    • Chai will be served
    • Drop in pricing for this workshop $50 register here
  • 4 – 7 pm Ayurvedic Cooking Class + Ghee Making with Mary, Kṣaṇāti Nakshatra, Sean + Katelynn
    • Ghee making! Bring a pound of butter and go home with your very own organic ghee.
    • Kitcheree will be served as the ghee cooks.
    • Dinner +  Evening fire ceremony at 6pm
    • Location – 856 North 20th Street
    • Drop in pricing for this workshop – $75 (includes dinner + evening fire ceremony) register here

November 3rd & 4th Weekend

Saturday November 3rd – Cost for the whole day – $125 register here 
  • 9 – 11 am – Pranayama Breathing: The Fountain of Youth with Mary Rider 
    • Learn the 8 Pranayama Breathing exercises you can do every day in less than 30 minutes that are known as the key to the kingdom of health
    • An all levels practice
    • Brief discussion of the indications, contraindications and benefits of each exercise
    • Location – 1520 Sansom Street, 3rd Floor Studio
    • Drop in pricing for this workshop – $30 register here 
  • 11 – 1 Break for Lunch
  • 1 – 3 pm Eating According To Your Dosha With Mary
    • Learn how to eat according to your specific body type and how to integrate food as medicine
    • Plus holiday eating survival tips
    • Location – 1520 Sansom Street
    • Drop in Pricing for this workshop – $40 register here 
  • 4 – 7 pm Ayurvedic Cooking Class with Mary, Kṣaṇāti Nakshatra, Sean, + Katelynn
    • Chutneys + Churnas – Potent medicine disguised as tasty condiments you can keep on hand for daily use.  
    • Make your own – and some to take home, recipes included!
    • 6 pm Dinner + Fire Ceremony
    • Location: 856 North 20th Street
    • Drop in pricing for this workshop – $75 (includes dinner + evening fire ceremony) register here
Sunday November 4th – Cost for the whole day – $125 register here
  • 9 – 11 am Liberating the Modern Physique with Chris Fluck
    • Though length and strength, overcome common postural ailments caused by our modern sedentary lifestyle. 
    • Undo receptive motion injury, counteract common areas of tightness that have all been caused by over or underuse due to our modern lifestyle.
    • Learn simple exercises and breath work that you can easily add into your self care routine.
    • Location – 1520 Sansom Street, 3rd Floor Studio
    • Drop in pricing for this class – $30 register here 
  • 11 – 1 Break for Lunch
  • 1 – 3 pm Final Workshop: The Art of Ayurvedic Daily Routine with Katelynn and Mary
    • Change your life one day at a time with repetition over time by integrating simple lifestyle practices based on the wisdom of Ayurveda
    • Prevention through daily habits is the shining strength of Ayurveda – learn why in this workshop
    • This will be a hands on experiential class – be prepared to touch, taste, and smell healing through Ayurveda.
    • Location – 1520 Sansom Street
    • Drop in pricing for this workshop – $40 register here
  • 4 – 7  pm Ayurvedic Cooking Class with Mary, Kṣaṇāti Nakshatra, Katelynn, and Sean

Cost for the entire program – $400 register here

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About the presenters:


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.30.59 PMKatelynn Ingersoll – Katelynn is the founder and lead Ayurvedic practitioner at Half Moon Ayurveda, where she sees clients one on one for diet and lifestyle consultations, Ayurvedic massages and treatments, and guided cleanses.  Katelynn completed her Ayurvedic studies program at the Ayurvedic Institute in 2012 under the guidance of Dr. Vasant Lad. She has continued to study extensively with Dr. Lad and other leaders in the field in clinical settings. She is the director of Hot Yoga Philadelphia, where she has taught yoga for over ten years, and a founding member of Philly Yoga Factory, a non profit organization making yoga and healing arts accessible for all. She teaches yoga, sees clients and leads workshops at her space in center city, Philadelphia.

Sean Kenny – Sean is a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor and has been teaching yoga for over ten years. A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, he is an avid rock climber and has traveled extensively pursuing his passion. A naturally gifted instructor of yoga and practitioner of vedic philosophies, he uses real life experience and his own daily application as a guide for his teaching. Sean’s use of humor and open heartedness in the classroom make for an unforgettable yoga experience.  Expect to work hard in a class with Sean and to dig deep into precision and intensity – all while having a great time.

Mary Rider – Mary is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. She received her certification from the Ayurvedic Institute, where she completed over 1500 hours of training under the renowned Ayurvedic Physician and Professor, Dr. Vasant Lad. She went on to complete over 300 hours of clinical experience at the Ayurvedic Institute, under the observation and direction of Nomi Gallo (AP, MEd). She apprenticed with Ayurvedic Clinician and Instructor, Kashyapa Fisher, where she focused on the clinical application of panchakarma therapies. She is enthusiastically sharing Ayurveda with our community and we are honored to have her on our team. She currently practices in Philadelphia, facilitates classes and workshops, and is available for house calls and long distance phone consultations via Skype.


Kṣaṇāti Nakshatra – Kṣaṇāti is a Graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute.  Kṣaṇāti Studied Jyotish with Simon ChokoiScreen Shot 2018-09-14 at 12.35.45 PMsky, Mahadev Levine, as well as Dr. Vasant Lad, founder of The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM. Kṣaṇāti Teaches Courses and Webinars with The Organization Saptarishis Astrology Centered Out of Mumbai, India. Kṣaṇāti Currently Practices in His Hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kṣaṇāti Most Passionate Topics Include How to Improve Our Planetary Karma with Ancient, Contemporary, and Ayurvedic Remedy. Kṣaṇāti Also Does Much Research in The Area of Vedic Astro Cartography, and How to Use Geography for Our Greatest Prosperity, Love, and Spiritual Evolution


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